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If you are a skillful person with no 9-5 work attitude and want to work from home but have no idea where to start. Shelancers is a platform where you can get a complete comprehensive guideline from beginners to advance on how to do freelancing, what freelancing is and how can you earn well from it. In our freelancing sessions, we target all the energetic individuals who are eager to work online using their skills.


As a team of young techy girls, we encourage women empowerment regardless of age, color and workspace limitation. At Shelancers we invite young girls, women, housewives and all other women from any field who want to start their career remotely. Our objective is to join hands with women from all over the world and let them able to work.


We’ve a team of experts who mentor the upcoming talent and polish their work skills to professional level. Moreover at Shelancers we offer different training programs that help individuals to learn how to deal with their work environment.